Deans run for Endowment Fund

Eight ITB Deans for the period 2020-2024, Jaka Sembiring (School of Business and Management), Brian Yuliarto (Faculty of Industrial Technology), Tatacipta Dirgantara (Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Irwan Meilano (Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology), Endah Sulistyawati (School of Life Sciences and Technology), Wahyu Srigutomo (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Sri Maryati (School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development), and I Ketut Adyadna (School of Pharmacy) participated in the “ITB Adventure Ultra Trail Run” running from ITB Ganesha Campus to the ITB Jatinangor Campus (10/09/2022). At this event, the deans were enthusiastic to raise endowment funds through”Deans for Endowment Fund” campaign, on the platform

Supported by BPUDL, PT LAPI, and LAPI GTC, the deans completed a 50 KM route with a tough track, crossing uphill and downhill, and running through forest and valley in Bandung. It took a total of 9 hours and 11 minutes to arrive at the ITB Jatinangor Campus.

Not only did they record a time quicker than expected, but they also raised Rp129,875,684,- in endowment fund. Subsequently, BPUDL will manage the endowment fund according to the proportion of donations from each Faculty. Every year, the returns will be delivered for scholarships and academic facilities at their respective faculties.

The endowment fund could inspire other donation programs in all faculties. In many major universities such as Harvard and Stanford, endowment funds have a significant impact on the sustainability of the university. Similarly, as a legal entity state university, ITB is determined to manage its endowment fund to become a financially independent and fulfill its mission of being a world class university.

A small act of kindness may not seem extraordinary, but when it inspires the same action in others, it can have a tremendous social impact.

The Endowment Fund offers a new way to “pay forward” and invest in the ITB’s dreams.

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