Itb press donates books to the library w.r. supratman

ITB Press, a business entity managed by BPUDL donated books to the Library W.R. Supratman Palangka Raya. Director of BPUDL Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto, Director of ITB Press, Budi Isdianto and Director of the Library W.R. Supratman, Nasir Hayatul Islam all participated in an online handover ceremony held on Wednesday (29/09/2021).

ITB Press sent 575 copies of 24 books, including Kamus Dirgantara Inggris Indonesia; Review & Survey: Teknologi informasi di Indonesia; Studi Mandiri Fungsi Grafik Diferensial dan Integral; Tes Bahasa dalam Pengajaran; Pengantar Teknik Eksperimental Tegangan Tinggi; Penanganan Ketagihan Obat dan Alkohol dalam Masyarakat; and 18 others. “ITB believes that this contribution would not only enrich W.R. Supratman Library collections, but also be part of ITB’s efforts to support education in Palangka Raya” said Deddy. According to Budi “We are pleased to contribute and support ITB’s commitment to promote science and technology from Sabang to Merauke”.

ITB’s response was much appreciated by Nashir, the Director of the Library W.R. Supratman. He expressed his gratitude and mentioned that the book from ITB will certainly improve education at Bumi Tambun Bungai Bumi Pancasila, Central Kalimantan.

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