Empowering ITB’s Business Units: BPUDL Hosts a Strategic Capacity Building

Bandung, November 24, 2023 – BPUDL organized a capacity-building event attended by directors of business units. Aimed at revitalizing and inspiring companies within the BPUDL ITB framework, this event focused on sustaining optimal performance in the face of stiffening business competition, a crucial element for the progressive trajectory of ITB.

Hosted in the relaxed atmosphere at the Mason Pine Hotel, the event commenced with a compelling presentation by Director of BPUDL, delivered by the BPUDL Secretary. The opening session shed light on BPUDL’s comprehensive strategies to drive business units towards enhanced performance and competitive edge. This approach encompassing, cultural transformation, refining business processes, strategic management, organizational restructuring, and embracing digital transformation. These strategic directives are compiled in a Board Manual, designated to guide and be adapted by each business unit for uniformity in vision and adherence to exemplary corporate governance standards.

Aligning with the Board Manual’s directive, the event featured an insightful workshop. This segment was dedicated to strategically assessing the current positioning of each participating company, addressing modern business hurdles, and brainstorming innovative approaches to foster growth in a highly competitive environment.

This event provided a conducive platform for building networks among ITB’s business units, encouraging collaborative efforts, and developing new ideas. Ahmad Faizal, the BPUDL secretary remarked, “This event aims to harness synergy among business, potentially unlocking new avenues for business collaboration.” Echoing this sentient, Mr. Suparno Satira, Director of PT Indowater and an attendee, lauded the event as an unparalleled initiative in synergizing business units while offering fresh perspectives and strategic guidance for business expansion.

The event culminated in a vibrant networking session, providing a platform for participants, to delve deeper into discussions and establish stronger relationships among the business units.

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