Why ITB’s intangible assets matter?

BPUDL activities often intersect with legal issues, therefore having the best understanding of business law and regulation will help BPUDL to manage and adjust all risks on business management and investment policies.

Take this into account, BPUDL initiates a collaboration with Ery Yunasri & Partners (EYP) to support BPUDL business interests and to establish a certain standard for how things should be run complying with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

Thursday (26/8/2021), BPUDL invited all business units to discuss the use of intangible assets i.e. intellectual property rights in running business.

To become a world class university, ITB continues to encourage research and development activities for new discoveries and innovations in various fields of technology. These innovations and technologies are protected as ITB’s intangible assets. Eventually, BPUDL could use these assets to enhance ITB’s revenue through licensing and conversion of these assets into equity in ITB’s Commercial Business Units.

Intangible assets have very different dynamics and risk profiles than tangible assets. Understanding business law on the protection and use of intellectual property right can help businesses become more competitive and manage related risks, as well as support innovation ecosystem in the university.

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