PT LAPI ITB Sets New Financial Records, Distributes Entire 2023 Profit as Dividends

Bandung, (22 March 2024) – At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) for the fiscal year 2023, PT LAPI ITB, a leading consultancy firm managed by BPUDL ITB, presented its remarkable financial and strategic milestones. Specializing in consultancy services, the company announced a new record on revenue of IDR 299.97 billion. Demonstrating a strong commitment to shareholder value, PT LAPI ITB decided to distribute its entire net profit, which saw an 18.5% increase to IDR 11.877 billion, as dividends, showcasing the company’s robust financial health.

Over the course of the year, PT LAPI ITB successfully managed 576 projects, accumulating a total value of IDR333.028 billion. This achievement signifies not only the company’s operational excellence and leadership in the consultancy services but also underscores its capacity to support ITB’s mission through significant financial contributions and strategic partnerships. “The positive relationship between PT LAPI ITB and ITB is fundamental to our success and identity. We are committed to continuing support ITB’s financial independence not only through managing ITB’s experts in consultancy business, but also trough the implementation of appropriate technology, which is ITB’s forte,” stated Yusmar Anggadinata, the CEO of PT LAPI ITB during the AGM.

For 2024, PT LAPI ITB has set corporate target to secure contracts worth IDR335 billion, increase annual revenue tp IDR300 billion, and achieve a net profit of IDR12 billion. These objectives are geared towards not only sustaining the company’s growth trajectory but also reinforcing its role in promoting the company’s innovative efforts on both national and global stages.

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