PT Adaro supports ITB education through endowment fund donation

ITB has recently received a substantial educational support through an endowment fund donation from PT Adaro Indonesia. This contribution actualizes a collaborative commitment that was initiated by BPUDL ITB, in response to a statement by PT Adaro’s Independent Commissioner, Mr. Mohammad Effendi, to the Rector of ITB. This was announced at the “Malam Apresiasi Seni dan Prestasi” event, hosted at Soehana Hall in the Medco Energy Building, SCBD Jakarta (5/11/2023).

This support, manifested in an endowment fund of IDR 6 billion, aims to enhance the sustainability of overall quality of education at ITB. PT Adaro, being a significant employer of ITB graduates, envisions this donation to fortify the institute development and improve the quality of academic resources at ITB. The management of this endowment fund is entrusted to BPUDL ITB, with annual returns earmarked to support these educational objectives.

PT Adaro, a leader in the coal mining industry, underscores its commitment to social responsibility with this initiative. Through the Adaro Bangun Negeri Foundation (YABN), the company dedicates itself to imparting a lasting, positive impact in five main aspects: economy, education, health, social-culture, and environment. This strategic partnership is anticipated to be a significant stride for PT Adaro in meeting its corporate social responsibilities and in fostering the progression of higher education in Indonesia.

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