While interning at BPUDL, I learnt to work as a designer in a professional environment. As the graphic designer, I designed both the logo and the website’s interface. My mentors were incredibly resourceful and always giving constructive feedbacks, despite me working remotely from home and our means of communication were only through Zoom calls and messages. I went through the real designer-client experience, translating the client’s needs into visuals and adjusting it accordingly. While I have some experience in logo design, user interface was a whole new project for me, and I am thankful BPUDL has trusted me with its rebranding.

Nabilla Syakiranisa

Faculty of Arts and Design
Visual Communication Design, 2017

During my internship at BPUDL ITB, I learned to work as a web developer and an admin in a professional environment. As a web developer, I was asked to implement a web design created by a web designer into the website code. In becoming a web developer here I also learned web programming from the back end and front end. My mentor at BPUDL is very resourceful and always gives constructive feedback, even though we as interns work remotely from home and our communication tools are only through Zoom calls and messages via Whatsapp. From this internship, I got a lot of learning and new knowledge about web and wordpress development, especially in programming using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript languages.

Ricky Yuliawan

School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Informatics Engineering, 2017