“Never get tired of loving ITB”
An online meeting was held to facilitate discussion between BPUDL, Student Association (KM), and candidates of...

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Thoughtful session with Investment committee
BPUDL held a meeting with Bernardus Djonoputro (Ernest & Young), Phillia Wibowo (McKinsey), and Cyril Noerhadi...

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BPUDL officially achieved ISO 9001:2015 certificate
We are proud to announce that BPUDL is obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certificate as of February...

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Launching Vent-I Esential 3.5 (Ventilator Indonesia)
ITB, PT Panasonic Healthcare (PHC), supported by PT Layani Nahdatul Ulama and PT Gobel Dharma Nusantara...

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BPUDL pursue ISO 9001:2015 certification
Agency for University Business and Endowment Fund Management (BPUDL) Institut Teknologi Bandung has set its vision...

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Strategic Planning of University Business
As one of the main duties to manage University Business, BPUDL arranged a meeting to discuss...

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